Luke Driscoll

Managing Director
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC

“People want to help, and that’s why I frequently tell our clients that one of the most powerful things you can say to somebody is, ‘I need your help.’”

Luke Driscoll has spent his entire professional career at CCS and has been a partner of the firm since July 2016. Since 1991, he has assisted a wide range of organizations in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and also in the UK and Bermuda. For the past several years, he has managed the CCS office in Washington, DC while advising national and regional nonprofit organizations and supervising a myriad of client engagements.

Luke's inquisitive nature originally drew him to CCS and that instinct keeps him engaged in his work today. Although he has significant experience in the faith-based, human services, and association sectors, Luke enjoys the variety of clients the firm serves. “On any given day, I could be working with engineers, physicians, a church congregation, or school parents,” he says. “There aren't many people who are able to essentially ‘change channels’ and be in four or five very different environments in the same day in their line of work.”

The people and the causes Luke works with every day inspire him to continue to promote philanthropy and make a difference in communities across the country. “When you look past the money and the activities involved with running campaigns and training volunteers, what really makes it special is how it feels to be part of something bigger that will positively change people’s lives and the future of their communities.”

Featured Projects

  • American College of Radiology (Reston, VA)
  • American Society of Association Executives (Washington, DC)
  • Landscape Architecture Foundation (Washington, DC)
  • Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Archdiocese of Washington