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  1. 1. What can nonprofits learn from the Uber crisis? This week saw a plethora of analyses regarding Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation. NonProfit Quarterly shares how nonprofits can avoid the trappings of the same “founder culture” that has eroded the tech company’s brand.
  2. Meet the most generous donors in each state. Do you know who gives the most in your state? The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently compiled a list based upon an amalgam of data, including the Philanthropy 50. 
  3. Is MIT’s $140 million unrestricted gift a harbinger of things to come? Unrestricted mega-gifts are rare, which makes MIT’s recent gift from an anonymous donor surprising. Inside Philanthropy shares some interesting theories as to why some donors – especially those in the tech field – might prefer the flexibility provided by unrestricted gifts.
  4. Can Silicon Valley ideas boost giving above 2% GDP? Charitable giving as a percentage of national income has remained flat for decades. The Chronicle of Philanthropy covers how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Raikes Foundation are working toward breaking this stubborn plateau. Click here to read the full story.
  5.  Tips for reviving your campaign meetings. It is normal for meetings to become a little tedious as a campaign continues its course. On Philanthropy Now, Sarah Krasin shares her go-to tactic for kicking campaign meetings into high gear.

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