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How to Leverage a Challenge Grant to Accelerate Your Campaign

The success of a capital campaign is dependent upon several factors.  One of the most important is to get your effort off to a strong start, which is most effectively accomplished by securing large pace-setting gifts. Securing early, significant support provides the initiative credibility. Early success, in turn, inspires confidence in solicitors, creating momentum which […]

Will Your Major Donors Love You or Leave You? The Value of Donor Impact Reports

Do you remember playing the classic game “She loves me, she loves me not” when you were a kid?  It is, of course, an amusing, whimsical game of chance that seeks to reaffirm whether the object of one’s affection will return that affection or not.  As adults, common sense tells us that we wouldn’t trust […]

A Parish Guide to Pledge Collection Fundamentals

There is a common misconception that a campaign ends once the solicitation or “asking” phase has concluded. The truth is, while your parish may no longer be actively soliciting parishioners, a campaign lasts as long as its pledges are being fulfilled. Before you go back to business as usual, be sure you know the three […]

Hurricane Harvey: How Your Organization Can Connect with Supporters

As Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate the proud citizens of Houston and the Gulf Coast, our thoughts are with those who face difficult days, weeks, and months ahead. Looking back on history, we know that natural disasters bring us closer together and show our resilient spirit. Houston is renowned for helping others in Texas and […]

Giving to Religion: How data from Giving USA 2017 offers optimism and opportunity for further growth

On June 13, The Giving USA Foundation™ published The Annual Report on Philanthropy with the announcement that 2016 was the United States’ most philanthropic year to date. Approximately $390 billion was given to philanthropic causes, which equates to more than $1 billion per day in charitable giving! While this represents an overall increase of 2.7% […]

A Quick Guide to Planning Year-End Appeals

It’s the end of summer and, for fundraisers, it’s a magical time of year. While the rest of the country is taking last minute vacations, back-to-school planning, and avoiding the heat that never seems to break, development teams are in the thick of planning for the end of the year. Over the last 10 years, […]