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How Episcopal Churches Can Maximize their Donor Databases: Going Beyond Contact Information

Having a robust and up-to-date database can make a world of a difference in fundraising and stewardship. In an industry where fundraisers and development staff are competing for over $390 billion in philanthropic dollars, the opportunity is immense, and so too must be your attention to your donors.     Of the ten sub-sectors reported on […]

Adapting to a New Generation of Parent Donors

Changing preferences and priorities, combined with advancements in technology, have spurred the transformation of industries like media, retail, and transportation, among others. What about philanthropy? How should schools adapt their fundraising approach to engage young parents? All schools recognize the importance of observing demographic trends. For example, these trends can reveal how many school-aged children can […]

A Quick Guide for Securing Transformational Gifts from Large Corporations

While there is ever-growing interest and attention around corporate social responsibility (CSR) today, the idea that “business corporations have an obligation to work for social betterment”[1] has existed for centuries. Dating back to the earliest corporations, around which many small towns revolved and depended, corporate social responsibility has evolved substantially. As CSR programs have become […]

Friday Philanthropy Round-Up: August 11

CCS is pleased to share the news, views, and tools you may have missed this past week! Congratulations to Rachel Hutchisson, The Giving Institute’s New Board Chair! CCS, along with our fellow Giving Institute member firms, is thrilled to welcome Rachel Hutchisson as our new Chair! Hutchisson is currently Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and […]

Friday Philanthropy Round-Up: August 4

CCS is pleased to share the news, views, and tools you may have missed this past week! Congratulations to the 2017 NonProfit Times Power & Influence Top 50! Once again, top leaders from nonprofit organizations across the US have been identified as trailblazers in philanthropy. The NonProfit Times highlights the honorees and the impact they […]

Friday Philanthropy Round-Up: July 28

CCS is pleased to share the news, views, and tools you may have missed this past week!    Tax reform first steps could happen this week. The Council on Foundations issued an email to its members on Wednesday morning stating that House Republicans plan to release a tax reform framework document by the end of […]

Friday Philanthropy Round-Up: June 30

CCS is pleased to share the news, views, and tools you may have missed this past week! Don’t underestimate the economic power of the nonprofit sector. From 2000-2013, the nonprofit workforce increased 22.6%, while the government workforce increased about 5% and the business workforce less than 1%.  The Urban Institute outlines the impact that President […]

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Self-Management: Eight Tips for Personal & Professional Success

There are countless strategies to be successful in the fundraising industry. From building lasting relationships with prospects and stewarding donors, to successfully planning and executing gift requests, there are always steps to take to maximize your results. Recognizing the importance of each fundraising strategy, something often overlooked is the importance of managing yourself. Based upon […]

March Madness Playbook: The Four Corners of a Campaign

Four Corners is a basketball play made famous by legendary University of North Carolina coach, Dean Smith. Essentially, four players stand in the corners of the offensive half-court while the fifth dribbles the ball in the middle (see: Diagram A below). The basketball is passed between the point guard in the middle and the four […]

Philanthropy and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Following the recent U.S. presidential election, questions have been raised about the potential impact on philanthropic giving. Such questions arise, in large measure, from overall economic uncertainty and potential changes to the U.S. tax code. History can be instructive in this regard. What we have learned is that giving grows at higher rates in strong […]

A Record-Setting Year for Higher Education Fundraising in the UK

CCS congratulates the UK higher education fundraising sector on the successes of 2015. The new Ross-CASE Report makes for very helpful reading for advancement professionals in the sector. Highlights include: Income grew from £807 million in 2013-14 to £860 million in 2014-15. The mean income of the Russell Group (excluding Oxbridge) has for the first time […]