The Campaign is Dead - Long Live the Campaign!

n a crowded philanthropic landscape and in a market saturated with fundraising campaigns, is a campaign required to stay competitive, or does the campaign hold your organization back? This session will examine the pros and cons of campaigning and the next-era of campaigning, and will explore the potential of going from traditional multi-year campaigning cycles to a project based “always campaigning” model.


Educating Parents about the Role of Philanthropy

As tuition continues to rise, development professionals often face questions from parents about why we are asking for more money in the form of philanthropic support. Learn how, and when, to speak with parents and other stakeholders regarding the comprehensive costs of their child’s education and the implications for tuition, annual fund, and campaign fundraising.


The Art of Storytelling: Identifying Your Best Stories to Engage Campaign Donors

Powerful storytelling in capital campaigns is essential to engaging donors and providing cohesive messaging for organizations.  How do you identify your best stories?  What are the best ways to tell those stories? Join CCS and award-winning campaign communications firm Bradford Toffoli for an interactive webinar and gain important new perspectives on creating a new narrative for your campaign.


The Power and Influence of Women in Philanthropy

Research about gender in philanthropy is playing an increasing role in transforming behaviors of donors, nonprofit leaders, and fundraisers.  In this webinar, Drs. Debra Mesch and Una Osili, along with CCS Senior Vice President & Managing Director Caroline Chick, will share new research recently conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  This new data affirms the power and influence of women in the charitable giving process. In addition to talking about motivations for giving and household decision making, Mesch and Osili present the first detailed research exploring the landscape of giving to women and girls.


The Five Tool Fundraiser: Achieving Hall of Fame Level Fundraising Success

In baseball, the best all-around players are called “five-tool” ballplayers. These players excel at hitting for average, hitting for power, base running skills and speed, throwing ability, and fielding abilities.  Interestingly, like baseball, the skills that make up a hall-of-fame fundraiser can potentially also be boiled down to five core talents. Those development professionals with the proven ability to raise money, manage up, manage down, work effectively with volunteers, and be strategic are as rare and valuable as the $100 million gift.   Join us to learn what it takes to become a “five-tool” fundraiser and the tools and resources that can help elevate your game to the hall of fame level.


Promoting a Culture of Philanthropy Within Your School's Volunteer Leadership

Join us for a lively conversation about essential strategies and positive outcomes of promoting a culture of philanthropy within your school's volunteer leadership. Lancaster Country Day School’s Shelby LaMar and CCS’s Luke Driscoll will discuss tactics for identifying opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and suggested tips for converting school board members into strong ambassadors.  Both presenters will share case studies from their daily work in the sector and seek thoughtful engagement from webinar participants.


CCS Perspectives on Philanthropy: Maximising Alumni Engagement to Increase Revenue

Join us for a presentation about maximising alumni engagement to increase revenue.  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s Aíne Gibbons and CCS discuss effective strategies to interact with the broad base of alumni, while simultaneously building relationships with key individuals.  This is an opportunity to hear best practice and ask questions to help develop your alumni program.


Fast-Tracking a Campaign: Constructing a Plan to Move Decisions and Transform Fundraising

Organizations often find themselves needing to raise money quickly - and it can seem daunting! Perhaps you have a fledgling major gifts program or it has been a few years since you have campaigned in earnest. Hear from Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan and Erica de Vries how they motivated board members to raise their own philanthropic sights and achieved 100% board participation in less than one month! The Dimock Center leveraged community engagement and institutional relationships to advance philanthropy, reaching its target in less than one year. Arm yourself with strategies to create a fundraising or campaign plan that creates excitement amongst potential donors, develops a sense of urgency around decision-making, and establishes or rejuvenates a major gifts program.