As the official Foundation of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), the AASLD Foundation seeks to save lives by aggressively pursuing the prevention and ultimate cure of liver disease. Over the past 15 years, CCS has conducted two successful campaigns for AASLD.  More recently, the AASLD Foundation will complete an ambitious new campaign in the fall of 2019 that will provide additional $18 million in philanthropic support moving the Foundation ever closer to their vision of 100% meritorious research award funding.

The Challenge

AASLD, and now its Foundation, is the largest private supporter of hepatology research in the United States, and together have provided more than $42 million in awards to advance crucial liver research. AASLD and the AASLD Foundation have faced challenges related to declining government and industry support for innovative research and training. AASLD leaders recognize the need to strengthen their own funding in order to better support hepatologists and young investigators.

The Solution

The previous New Challenges-New Solutions campaign sought to raise support research and educational initiatives for the hepatology field, providing funds for AASLD’s Research and Career Development Awards, Advanced Transplant Hepatology Fellowships, and Single Topic Conferences.

CCS Fundraising continues to aid the AASLD Foundation through on-site consultation during their current Tomorrow’s Cures campaign, which seeks to build stable funding resources to bring the AASLD Foundation closer to the vision to fund 100% of meritorious awards, raise more unrestricted funds to allow flexibility to address new research needs in hepatology, enhance training and education to build a robust workforce which is ready to care for patients, and create opportunities for public awareness.

The Impact

Over the last 15 years, AASLD has turned to CCS for its partnership and strategic counsel for campaigns and, most recently, to launch and support its new Foundation. Through the long-term partnership, AASLD and its Foundation have raised over $40 million for liver disease research and to advance the field of hepatology.

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