Baltimore Community Foundation embarked on an ambitious campaign with the fundraising goal of $100 million to support civic leadership, grants, initiatives, and advocacy. CCS partnered with BCF, assisting the foundation before and during the campaign. After three years, over $103 million was raised to support an impactful vision for Baltimore.

The Challenge

Baltimore Community Foundation set a fundraising goal of $100 million in order to address four purposes: immediate investments in education and neighborhoods; endowment for BCF, to strengthen the organization for the future; endowment for Baltimore, to generate income that BCF can use for the pressing needs of Baltimore today and tomorrow; and endowed donor-advised funds, a commitment from donors that their philanthropy will be a permanent resource.

The Solution

Before launching their campaign, BCF retained CCS to conduct a feasibility study. CCS remained in assistance to BCF by providing executive consultation during the campaign.

The Impact

After the three year campaign effort, the funds raised went over goal, reaching $103 million on a $100 million goal. More than $30 million of these funds went to support immediate needs, and nearly $70 million went to endowment to support long term goals in Baltimore.

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