The Diocese of Honolulu began its first capital campaign to expand facilities and improve programs for the community, and support education and training of leaders and clergy. After CCS assisted the Diocese with a feasibility and planning study, the campaign raised $50 million on its $30 million goal.

The Challenge

With approximately 20 percent of the growing population of Hawaii identifying as Catholic, the Diocese of Honolulu recognized the need for better training and formation of Church leadership among other top level priorities. With these in mind, the campaign—With Grateful Hearts—was launched as the first-ever endowment and capital campaign for the Catholic Church in Hawaii. The goal was to raise $30 million in critically needed funds to strengthen both diocesan programs and local parishes throughout the region.

The Solution

In addition to implementing a feasibility study, CCS created a pastoral planning initiative to serve as roadmap to determine priorities that later informed the campaign’s case statement. The roadmap process helped set campaign goals and provided a strategy that included close collaboration by every parish within the diocese. The campaign was a massive success, raising $50 million on its $30 million goal. “The prospect of large financial goals and the hard work needed to achieve them can frighten even the most dedicated people. CCS helped us look both these challenges in the eye and overcome them,” said Most Reverend Larry Silva, Bishop of the Diocese of Honolulu.

The Impact

With the funds needed to secure a bright future, the Archdiocese of Honolulu was able to support and grow several offices and programs within its region, as well as improve facilities throughout the diocese.

“CCS’s vision, hands-on guidance, and friendly but firm demeanor were the keys to an incredibly successful capital campaign. We come before the Lord ‘With Grateful Hearts’ for CCS and all they helped us accomplish!” said Most Reverend Silva.

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