First Church was in need of structural repairs, so it retained CCS for assistance with a two-phased campaign. It successfully reached its $15 million goal for the renovation of its church house, which is home to its ministry, church school, and nursery school.

The Challenge

Most recently, the deterioration of brownstone in First Presbyterian Church’s (“First Church”) beloved church tower and the need to update electrical wiring in its sanctuary have emerged as two priority projects that together may require up to $4.5 million in philanthropic support. As concern for the safety of passersby on Fifth Avenue and the safety of the congregation’s home for worship became urgent, First Church reached out to CCS for assistance.

The Solution

In anticipation of the need for a new fundraising project, CCS has partnered with the church once again to conduct a feasibility study to seek feedback and insights on the case for support; identify leaders, volunteers, and prospective supporters; and inform the development of a campaign plan.

The Impact

CCS’s partnership with First Church has already helped identify early opportunities and proposed solutions to anticipated challenges for a successful initiative.

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