For fifty years, the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) has worked to provide knowledge and resources to enable landscape architects to use their unique skills to change the world: socially, economically, and environmentally.  CCS has worked with LAF three times over the past 20 years, most recently during the 50 & Forward Campaign. This $3.5 million campaign will expand existing programs and support new initiatives to meet intensified environmental challenges that include increased urbanization, species extinction, and climate change and adaptation.


In 2016, it was apparent to the Landscape Architecture Foundation that the need for sustainable landscape solutions was greater than ever. To celebrate its 50th year, LAF launched a $3.5 million campaign to empower the profession to provide solutions to climate and landscape challenges.


CCS worked with LAF to engage stakeholders in a feasibility study that helped set the stage for the campaign effort. Once the study was complete, CCS partnered with LAF, providing campaign management.


This campaign has raised $4.5 million, and will support further research, provide more scholarships with higher awards, and cultivate a new generation of leaders in landscape architecture.


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