LCIF wanted to raise funds for controlling and eliminating major preventable forms of blindness. To support the Lions’ mission, CCS designed and managed two landmark campaigns to fund the SightFirst program. Both campaigns surpassed their goals, raising nearly $350 million from donors in 180 countries.

The Challenge

Lions Clubs International is an international service club organization with 1.4 million members across 46,000 clubs. To harness the power of the network and collectively answer the call to serve communities across the world, Lions Clubs International Foundation and CCS have worked together for more than a quarter of a century to raise funds across a diverse and growing membership base.

The Solution

In the early 1990s, CCS assisted Lions Clubs International with raising the funds to establish the SightFirst program.  Campaign SightFirst had a goal of $130 million and raised $146 million for blindness treatment and prevention programs. A decade later, CCS conducted an international feasibility study using focus groups, electronic surveys, and individual interviews prior to launching Campaign SightFirst II.  This campaign, with a goal of $150 million, raised more than $200 million worldwide to continue to fund the SightFirst program.

The Impact

“The devoted and highly professional efforts of CCS in collaboration with Lions’ staff and volunteers have allowed our foundation to achieve unprecedented success,” said Peter Lynch, former Executive Administrator. “This collaboration has ensured that millions of people around the world will be given the miracle of sight.”

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