PRR, in Maine, launched a campaign to fund restoration of the river’s natural ecosystem, and stimulation of community and economic development. CCS assisted in this campaign to revitalize the Penobscot Indian Nation’s most cherished natural resource, and helped raise over $11 million for this nationally recognized project.

The Challenge

Any time a species is lost, the natural ecosystem is compromised. A collaboration between the Penobscot Indian Nation, energy company PPL Corporation, seven conservation groups, and state and federal agencies sought to restore 11 species of sea-run fish to the Penobscot River, reconnecting the river to the sea, revitalizing the fisheries, wildlife, culture, recreation, and economy tied to Maine’s largest watershed.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive planning study, CCS assisted this unique alliance of six NGOs and one sovereign nation with a campaign to acquire three dams on the Penobscot River, Maine’s largest watershed.

The Impact

CCS is proud to have assisted the Penobscot River Restoration Trust and its partners to exceed their campaign goal of $10 million in private funds. These key funds, along with $15 million in federal funds, enabled critical steps toward the completion of this historic and nationally recognized project.


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