Temple Emunah has experienced significant growth of its community, and began having trouble meeting the increased strain on facilities and staff. CCS partnered with the temple to prepare and launch a $4 million campaign to fund critical operational needs.

The Challenge

Temple Emunah welcomes all who wish to join the community, regardless of financial means. This message has resonated, and now, for this Conservative synagogue, the blessing of growth has led to an increased strain on facilities and staff. While its community continued to grow, there was not a commensurate growth in revenue. Since the economic downturn, Temple Emunah was not able to allocate the funds necessary to meet the ongoing capital upkeep.

The Solution

CCS partnered with Temple Emunah to conduct a successful feasibility study, and implement a $4 million campaign to support present facility maintenance needs, elimination of debt service in order to reinvest in capital contributions and operating budget, and enhance the synagogues endowment to support community needs, such as a robust senior services program.

The Impact

The temple is working toward full participation from its 550+ families in the Campaign for a Stronger & Sustainable Emunah. To date, with 340 donors of all sizes, Temple Emunah has raised $4.1 million to fulfill its critical needs.

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