Trinity Church, a historic and iconic church in Boston, needed foundational repairs and restoration work. Donors proposed a $27 million challenge grant, so Trinity Church retained CCS to assist with the design and management of the quiet phase, which raised over $27 million.


Trinity Church in the City of Boston is the largest parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and one of the largest churches in New England. Trinity’s historic and iconic church in Boston’s Back Bay was built in 1877 and is internationally recognized for its art and architecture. The parish launched a major campaign to meet the terms of a $27 million challenge grant proposed by donors promising a $27 million endowment if the parish completed roof repairs and exterior wall restorations.


CCS partnered with Trinity Church to design and manage the quiet phase of their campaign, which raised over $27 million on a $25 million goal from more than 450 parishioners – including a lead gift of $5 million. More than 70 volunteers were engaged during the campaign.


The church commenced construction in April 2017, and in 2027, when Trinity celebrates the 150th anniversary of the building’s dedication, proceeds from new endowment will become available to secure the church’s long-term maintenance needs. And many volunteers who joined throughout the effort have stayed involved in fundraising beyond the campaign by serving on the parish’s stewardship committee.


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