University of Windsor needed to raise C$250 million to build a new downtown campus and a Center for Engineering Innovation. This plan that would increase enrollment, student support, and expand research capabilities. Today, CCS continues to support the university with its campaign, which has raised C$147 million to date.

The Challenge

In response to a significant period of growth and the 50th anniversary of its incorporation, the University of Windsor embarked upon a campaign to build the Centre for Engineering Innovation (CEI), the new home for the faculty of engineering. The plans for this world-class facility required C$27.5 million – the largest capital investment ever made by the University of Windsor and its donors. The CEI was the first in a series of capital improvements and other campus priorities that led to the need for increased fundraising for the university. Since 2010, community partnership, research, student support, programmatic improvements, and more than C$250 million in capital were identified as needs for the campus.

The Solution

Following a feasibility study for the CEI building, CCS provided consultative guidance for the building campaign that eventually transitioned into interim development management and the oversight of a longer-term campaign to support the C$250M campus transformation. During this time, and to this day, we provide hands-on guidance to the president and vice chancellor as well as train and support the growing development team as they prepare to engage and ask donors for support beyond previous gift levels. More than C$147 million in public and private gifts has been raised to date to support education, research, a new downtown campus, and other campus transformations.

The Impact

More than 10 capital projects were supported by this campus transformation effort including the construction of new buildings and much-needed renovations to others. Additionally, investment in the university’s endowment has increased by 72 percent, from C$59.3 million in 2010 to over C$102 million in 2016, far exceeding the goal to increase the fund by 50 percent by 2020. These improvements have led to increased enrollment in affected programs, increased student support, groundbreaking research, and meaningful community partnerships, all of which have helped to take the University of Windsor to a new level of quality and access to education.

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