Caroline Chick

Managing Director
New York, NY

“The individuals at each client site are extraordinary and I feel lucky to be as close to them as I am.”

Caroline is a driven professional who thrives on building client relationships with nonprofit organizations. In her role, Caroline is an account executive and project leader who brings over 15 years of successful fundraising experience to the fold. She has served and counseled organizations with financial targets ranging from $5 million to $3 billion, and has assisted clients in raising more than $500 million in the last year alone.

She is inspired by the lasting mark these campaigns leave on their respective communities.
“What’s so interesting about our firm is that we work with every nonprofit sector, so we’re advancing the missions of organizations that impact every aspect of our world,” says Caroline.

Some of her clients include colleges, universities, international and national charities, faith-based organizations, human and social service agencies, healthcare systems and hospitals, environmental groups, and arts and cultural institutions, among others.

Caroline attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She is also a graduate of Columbia University where she received her Master of Science in Social Work. Caroline resides in Summit, New Jersey, with her husband and three children.