Gary Hawkins

Managing Director
Dallas, TX

“Philanthropy allows individuals the opportunity to partner with organizations to achieve goals and make visions that would be otherwise impossible a reality.”

After working mainly in the religious sector, Gary Hawkins joined CCS in 2001 for the opportunity to expand his experience across all nonprofit sectors. Based in Dallas, Gary has managed some of the firm’s most significant campaigns from the Pacific to the southern United States.

Before becoming a managing director at the firm, Gary provided interim development management at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, a project he views as a great example of what CCS brings to every client engagement. “That project allowed us to showcase all of our work across the development sphere and really assist them in a powerful way within a short period of time.”

While Gary enjoys the excitement of a campaign, he equally enjoys the preparation stage. “I love the feasibility studies, where you really get to work with clients, their donors, and their boards to strategize a way to solve problems,” says Gary. “Allowing us the opportunity to plot the best course prior to the campaign is truly enjoyable.”

Featured Projects

  • Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
  • McGill-Toolen High School (Mobile, AL)
  • Diocese of Honolulu
  • St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church (Pasadena, CA)