Data Analytics, Systems, and Research


With our robust analytics, systems, and research capabilities, we leverage data to support better fundraising strategies and help organizations identify untapped opportunities and new potential donors.

CCS Fundraising blends our 70+ years of fundraising experience with cutting-edge research and analytics tools. We help nonprofits conceptualize and achieve their full fundraising potential using data-driven analysis and strategy development.


CCS utilizes advanced statistical techniques to develop customized, creative, and actionable fundraising tactics for your organization. Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach. Each analysis that CCS performs is highly tailored to the unique goals and needs of the nonprofit.

Our analytics solutions are performed in phases that center around three critical pillars of fundraising strategy:

 1) Performance

Assessing historical fundraising results and understanding the key drivers

CCS Fundraising’s Data Analytics process begins with a deep analysis of past fundraising performance that uses multiple sources of information and draws conclusions about the drivers of a given nonprofit’s successes and challenges. Performance is assessed based on:

  • Trend analysis: Deep exploration of historical fundraising performance to understand where the organization is today and how it got there. Year-over-year trend analysis identifies drivers for growth over time, across constituent types, fundraising programs, and other key categories.
  • Metric-Driven Dashboards: Used to summarize and highlight the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and allow fundraising leadership to better manage their operations.
  • Benchmarking: Allows nonprofits to assess their organization against various organizational cohorts, leveraging information gained from proprietary, industry, and/or specially-collected sources.
  • Leadership Major Gift Trajectory: Deep analysis of major donors exploring the trajectory of time and giving patterns that individuals took from their first gift to their major gift, providing insights that can be applied to future strategies.

 2) Prospect Identification

Identifying, scoring, segmenting, and prioritizing prospective donors

CCS Fundraising’s Data Analytics team applies statistical and data science tools and approaches to the organization’s entire CRM database to zero in on strategies such as:

  • Major and principal gifts
  • Gift officer portfolio optimization
  • Planned giving
  • Acquisition and retention
  • Annual fund segmentation
  • Grateful patient programs
  • Alumni giving

To drive these strategies CCS applies the best statistical tool for each client based on the client’s data, budget, and goals. Our prospect identification tools include:

  • Predictive Modeling: CCS designs tailored algorithms to create a statistical multivariate characterization of an organization’s best donors to score the full CRM, identifying those individuals with the strongest affinity and inclination to contribute to the organization.
  • Profile Modeling: Using the key consumer and demographic traits of an organization’s top donors to find new prospects that share these characteristics.
  • RFM Scoring: A multivariate score to surface and prioritize an organization’s best historical donors through the analysis of the recency of giving, frequency of giving, and total contributions.

 3) Goal Setting

Evaluating potential fundraising goals and likelihood of outcomes

All nonprofits desire insight into future performance. CCS Analytics provides insights to the most accurate and most likely fundraising goals by employing sophisticated techniques such as predictive modeling, Monte Carlo simulation, and scenario generation. We leverage these analyses to identify the likeliest of fundraising outcomes for projects ranging from comprehensive campaigns to gift officer annual goals.

The CCS Difference

Our analytics team works in close collaboration with your dedicated full-time CCS consultant to ensure that the recommendations of the analysis are implemented seamlessly. From exporting data to managing the process and activating results, the full CCS team ensures that nonprofits can quickly and effectively reap the benefits of data analytics work.

  • CCS explores data utilizing advanced techniques and statistics to develop an exhaustive understanding and insights.
  • Storytelling and visualizations explain the data, bringing the analysis to life so leaders at every level can easily ascertain the findings.
  • Findings and takeaways are used to prescribe strategy, recommendations, and key next steps ensuring there is a plan to integrate the analytics into operations.

The Return on Investment

CCS Analytics has a proven track record of success helping clients grow fundraising through uncovering new potential and building a strong prospect pipeline. CCS Analytics uncovers multiple new six-figure donors for our nonprofit partners and our identified prioritized prospects typically give at a rate seven times higher than fundraising generated by other prospects. These top prioritized prospects as a group typically generate millions in revenue within 18 months of our work.

Every nonprofit is different, which is why our approach is so customized to each organization we work with. We are ready to craft a tailored analysis for your organization today. CONTACT US for more information.


CCS’s Systems work is a means of understanding Data in Practice– how information is entered, managed, and used to drive strategic fundraising activity. With this knowledge, CCS can evaluate and optimize client systems, processes, and workflows in support of best-in-class fundraising operations.

Access to accurate, trusted data is crucial for strong, stable fundraising growth. To become a data-driven organization, choices must be made about what to measure, how, and why. These strategic decisions inform the tools and tactics each organization uses to oversee progress and tell their story. CCS has helped clients streamline key development workflows, create dynamic reports, define requirements, and access vital insights to inform their work. We design a project to meet the needs of your organization today while strengthening operations for long-term success.

Our systems approach makes CCS uniquely suited to partner with nonprofits.

Change Management Focus

What sets CCS apart is our focus on change management as a critical element of systems work. We emphasize active listening, stakeholder engagement, and communication throughout the duration of each project, to build a culture that values data and understands the logic behind the design and implementation of new tools, processes, and protocols. Our goal is to empower all staff to make informed decisions in line with their organization’s overarching data strategy.

Question-Driven Methodology

CCS spends time in conversation with stakeholders across every organization to holistically assess how information is handled and interpreted at every stage of the data life cycle. Our goal is to understand how and why things are done the way they are, rather than implement a standard solution. We work backwards, beginning by identifying the questions that cannot be answered, and the stories that cannot be told, due to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Technical Expertise Through a Fundraising Lens

Our team has experience working with CRMs, SaaS products, and data visualization tools commonly used by our nonprofit partners. Our subject matter experts build bridges between Development, Finance, and IT to ensure cross-functional solutions developed are informed by fundraising best practices.


We pair our firm’s analytics and systems specialists with best-in-class research capabilities. A selection of services available include:

  • Wealth screening – Helping you assess the full giving capacity of your existing donor database
  • Prospect landscaping – Expanding your network of potential donors by identifying new giving potential from individuals, foundations, and corporations
  • Relationship mapping – Identifying pathways and connections from prospective donors to your nonprofit
  • Prospect research – Preparing your staff for the cultivation and solicitation process with in-depth profiles on your top prospective donors

CONTACT US to learn more about how our analytics, systems, and research services can help your nonprofit take its fundraising program to the next level.