Planning and Strategy


We combine in-depth engagement with key stakeholders, data-driven analysis, and broad-ranging expertise to help develop a comprehensive blueprint for organizational growth.

CCS Fundraising’s planning and strategy services help your organization develop a comprehensive blueprint for organizational growth. Whether you are considering a major fundraising initiative or looking to define the overall strategic direction of your nonprofit, CCS can provide data-driven analysis, in-depth stakeholder engagement, and broad-ranging fundraising expertise to help you determine the best path forward.


Major fundraising initiatives necessitate major planning. Conducting a feasibility and planning study is crucial for any organization considering a campaign or other major fundraising project.

CCS Fundraising’s experts conduct the most in-depth studies in the industry. Our studies are deep investigations that go beyond answering feasibility to provide an actionable plan for fundraising success. CCS’s experienced consultants combine quantitative analysis with qualitative insights gained from personal interviews with your organization’s closest supporters. We provide the basis of your campaign plan, including building your prospective donor list, identifying potential volunteers and leaders, determining campaign timing, and articulating key messaging based on feedback from your most likely donors.

Beyond developing the foundations of a campaign plan, our studies cultivate, educate, and accelerate your organization’s relationship with the campaign’s most important prospective supporters. CCS studies generate the early momentum and buy-in that is vital to starting your campaign off strong.

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CCS Fundraising’s strategic planning services help your organization determine how it can better accomplish its mission. We leverage decades of experience in the nonprofit sector and exceptional analytical capabilities to help your organization grapple with the big questions and assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

Throughout the strategic planning process, we engage your organization’s key stakeholders to ensure a well-informed vision for the future and help generate buy-in for the new plan. We facilitate strategic conversations and information gathering to help you critically analyze your mission, vision, programs, leadership, financing, and operational capacity. As an outcome of our engagement, your nonprofit will gain a tactical, prioritized strategic plan document to guide its work in the years ahead.

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What are your biggest development challenges today? Perhaps your organization is going through a period of transition and you need to re-orient your development systems. Perhaps you need to figure out how to proportionately balance major gift officer portfolios. Perhaps you need to build an alumni engagement program for your school, or a grateful patient program for your hospital. Or perhaps your development team is performing well, but you want to determine how you can help them reach a heightened level of productivity.

At CCS, we know your development challenges are as unique as your organization. Our development assessments help you dive deep into your current operations to build a roadmap to success. We help ensure that your future plans are based on a rigorous analysis of the realities of your nonprofit yet also informed by best practices across the nonprofit sector. We delve into areas including analysis of historical fundraising performance, operational systems and CRM practices, communications, staffing, and benchmarking against peer or aspirational peer organizations. Our deep, data-driven analysis allows us to build an actionable, strategic fundraising plan for your organization.

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