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CCS Fundraising, Leading Nonprofit Consulting Firm, Announces Expanded Board of Directors

New York, NY: Today, CCS Fundraising, the leader in nonprofit fundraising consulting, announced new additions to its Board of Directors. Complementing their ten internal leaders, CCS welcomes Elizabeth (Liz) Moore and Ron Lumbra to the Board. CCS is honored to welcome Ms. Moore and Mr. Lumbra to the Board. Both executives bring a deep expertise […]

Long Live the Virtual Fundraising Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has made in-person fundraising events – once fundamentals of the healthcare fundraising playbook – now feel as antiquated as typewriters and VCRs. At least for now, home offices and laptop screens have largely displaced America’s boardrooms and ballrooms. As a result, many nonprofits that relied on in-person events and fundraising strategies – healthcare institutions and hospitals for example – had a difficult choice to make:   Wholesale cancellation of these plans until in-person gathering was once again […]

The December 2020 COVID-19 Relief Package: Key Benefits for Nonprofits and Fundraisers

On Monday, December 21, Congress approved a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill. If signed into law, many of the bill’s provisions would directly benefit nonprofits and fundraisers, helping to soften the blow of the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for a summary of the key opportunities for the nonprofit sector. Extended Tax […]

CCS Fundraising’s Top Resources for Year-End Reflection

The end of a calendar year provides a natural juncture for reflection and planning. After such a tumultuous year as 2020, it’s more important than ever for development professionals and nonprofit leaders to take stock of all that we’ve been through as we plan for 2021 and beyond. As 2020 draws to a close, check […]

Eight Virtual Strategies to Spark Community this Hanukkah

CCS has been inspired by how our nonprofit partners across all sectors have responded rapidly, and successfully, to the challenges of 2020. With the holiday season in full swing and the eight nights of Hanukkah approaching, CCS compiled eight lessons from Jewish clients across the country who have navigated fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic in […]

Presidential Elections and Charitable Giving: What Does the Data Tell Us?

As votes are tallied from yesterday’s U.S. presidential election, many nonprofit professionals and volunteers are wondering about the potential impact of the election on philanthropy. Substantive research on the direct relationship between political giving and charitable giving is limited. Moreover, where research does exist, we must exercise caution when comparing 2020—an atypical year by many […]

Repositioning Nonprofit Emergency/Immediate Response Funds

Creating a rapid or immediate response fund is a regular practice for nonprofits looking to fulfill urgent and unmet financial needs. The initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in organizations establishing response funds. Now that we are half a year into the pandemic, calls for “immediate” COVID-19 response funding may be less […]

Sustainable Philanthropy in the New World: Endowment Growth for Arts and Culture Organizations

Endowments have long been an important tool for arts and culture organizations to promote financial stability and growth in their community. As nonprofits continue to shift programming and strategy in light of COVID-19,  CCS finds that 36% of cultural organizations and 56% of performing arts organizations are anticipating a significant decline in their fundraising in […]

Identifying and Developing Strong Relationships for Nonprofit Success

Relationships play an essential role in the success of any organization. Whether it is relationships within your organization, external partners, donors, clients, or volunteers, success is dependent on the support from others. Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the engagement of teams and constituencies to ensure successful delivery of mission and sustainability for the future. Strong […]

Adapting to the COVID-19 Crisis: A Look into Catholic and Episcopal Dioceses and Parishes

COVID-19 has forced organizations of all sizes and sectors to adapt to a digital model, with impacts that will likely last beyond the pandemic. Churches are no exception. As the pandemic spread in March, parishes and dioceses across the United States closed their doors and suspended all in-person gatherings and events. While doing so was […]

Independent School Fundraising Strategy: Making the Most of Your Summer Months

For most nonprofit organizations, the future of fundraising remains uncertain. This is especially true of educational institutions that must also prepare for a new school year which may feature distanced learning or an adapted model. However, these institutions also have a summer break that can allow them some time to plan ahead for any contingency. […]

Combining and Sequencing Donor Request Strategies

An external crisis such as COVID-19 causes significant shifts for a nonprofit’s operational and strategic funding needs and plans. Whether it’s for a campaign or operational sustainability, through a focused and clear request strategy, your organization can secure immediate support from your closest and most capable supporters without compromising future strategic funding requests. In this […]

Four Steps to Ensuring ROI for Virtual Events

For many nonprofit organizations, events are an important way to raise funds, gather close donors, and educate the community in a unique way. Current limitations for in-person gatherings present a challenge for organizations that were planning to hold events, particularly this spring and summer. An Assess-Decide-Communicate-Execute framework offers a process to clarify your event objectives […]

Fundraising on the Front Lines: Communication and Immediate Action

National moments—such as elections, natural disasters, and the current COVID-19 crisis—tend to propel certain nonprofits to the forefront of philanthropic attention. In these moments, new audiences and a larger spotlight create an immediate need for a ramped-up communications program as scrutiny around deliverables and actions heightens. Stephen Peeler, Executive Director of the Infectious Diseases Society […]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Continue to Fundraise for All Programs During COVID-19

Healthcare institutions around the world are currently doing everything they can to combat the COVID-19 crisis, and they are doing so while also ensuring that other essential programs, such as cancer research, rare disease prevention/treatment, and other lifesaving services remain active for the sake of all of their patients. Many healthcare organizations are therefore asking […]

The Keys to Maximizing Your Virtual Gala

Innovative solutions for engaging nonprofit supporters have emerged as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused organizations to reevaluate and revise their fundraising strategies, particularly those halted by social distancing practices. For nonprofits across sectors, it will take some trial and error to determine which solutions are most effective, and perhaps, worth integrating into   long-term toolkits for […]

Continuing a Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign in Uncertain Times

A common principle that has emerged in nonprofit fundraising through times of crisis and economic uncertainty is that the organizations who continue major fundraising efforts are much better positioned for success over those that pause activity. A shining example of this lesson is St. Joseph’s Villa in Richmond, VA, which maintained a successful capital campaign […]

How to Elevate Your Next Virtual Donor Meeting During COVID-19

As COVID-19 presents challenges to fundraising activity, we are all the while uncovering new opportunities to exercise creativity in continuing to meet our transformational goals. This post is devoted to one possible solution: a virtual tour of your organization during a video meeting with a donor. While, of course, nothing compares with the live experience […]

Donor Communication Strategies: Learning from Previous Times of Crisis

As nonprofits continue to find innovative ways to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic—especially when it comes to donor engagement—many organizations are drawing from lessons learned from past crises. Barbara Deutsch, CEO of Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) helped the organization continue fundraising initiatives through the 2008 recession which included a successful capital campaign bolstered by a robust […]

How Performing Arts Organizations are Redefining Audience Engagement During COVID-19

As CCS Fundraising has previously noted, in the recovery that follows periods of crisis and economic uncertainty, organizations that pause fundraising activity lag significantly behind those that do not. A pause in programmatic activity may therefore represent a risk to an organization’s donor engagement, cultivation, and stewardship efforts. During the current pandemic crisis, nonprofits must […]