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Top Five Tips for Creating Robust Major Gift Portfolios Using CRM Data

A strong major gifts program requires well-composed portfolios. While donor conversation is and will always be critical for confirming their inclination to give and gift capacity, many issues in constructing portfolios can be resolved ahead of time with data captured in a CRM system. These five tips will help your development department leverage the data […]

Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Database for Fundraising Success

For nonprofits, customer relationship management (CRM) databases are libraries of donor information that enable essential activities like contacting donors, accounting for financial history, and noting primary relationships with an institution. Your database only functions as well as the staff managing it. Building human-backed processes and systems for CRM maintenance will help your nonprofit strengthen its […]

Five Considerations for Choosing Your Nonprofit’s Donor CRM

Oftentimes, nonprofits seek to resolve their database issues by buying a new CRM (customer relationship management) software subscription. Not all CRM problems are technical in nature, however, and the human element of data systems shouldn’t be ignored. Before changing your donor database, carefully consider the problems your organization is attempting to solve and whether a […]

From Info to Insights: The Importance of Change Management in Systems Projects

The ability to access and understand the signals within our data has reached peak importance within both the nonprofit sector at large, and across healthcare organizations in particular. In fact, the future of healthcare philanthropy will be built on a foundation of data-driven insights. Organizations with the ability to aggregate and analyze their information will […]