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Optimizing Major Gift Portfolios Using Predictive Modeling Scores

An organization’s assigned portfolio defines where relationship managers’ time and energy will be focused. Thus, it pays off to critically evaluate and optimize the makeup of your organization’s gift portfolio. From a fundraising perspective, spending time on prospective donors that don’t have the capacity to make a meaningful gift is an inefficient use of valuable […]

How Predictive Modeling Can Help Nonprofits Identify New Major Gift Prospects

More often than not, nonprofits have untapped potential in their donor databases. There are likely lower-level donors in your CRM that—if identified and properly cultivated—can be tomorrow’s big-ticket givers. So how do you find them? Just as for-profit businesses often use predictive analytics to grow revenue, charities can use predictive analytics to improve fundraising results. […]

Your Fundraising Forecast Cheat Sheet for 2021 [Excel Template Included]

Forecasting fundraising revenue can be a difficult task for nonprofits in any given year. In such a tumultuous year as 2020, forecasting is an especially tall order. Click here to download our Excel forecasting tool! Amid so much uncertainty about what the future holds, it can help to center your forecasting exercises around two key […]

RFM and Wealth Screening for Major Gift Strategy

With roughly 100 days between now and December 31st, how can you prioritize your team’s time and resources to decide how to cultivate major gifts and prioritize gift requests? Almost every cause and organization is facing increased philanthropic need this year. When combined with the reality that discovery visits and in-person cultivation, briefing, solicitation, and […]

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It” – Using Metrics to Strengthen Your Fundraising Program

Growing your fundraising program is not just about feeding your prospect pipeline or hiring more front-line fundraisers.  In today’s evolving market with a desire for greater accountability, the need for ever-growing levels of support, and an increased competition for donor attention, a hospital foundation’s use of metrics is the key to increasing success. The famous […]

Data-Driven Fundraising Creates Nonprofit Impact From For-Profit Analytics

In today’s philanthropic landscape, donors are repeatedly pulled and prodded by different (and certainly worthy) causes. Philanthropic competition is fierce and persistent. At the same time, donors are more mindful of their philanthropic contributions, consolidating their giving to fewer charities. While the number of 501(c)(3) organizations and total charitable giving continue to climb, recent reports […]