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Moving from Response to Recovery: A Case Study with United Way Worldwide Facing a World Reordering Moment

Just over one year ago, stay-at-home orders were announced and the world as we knew it rapidly changed. Today, the pandemic and its ricochet effects have plunged our world, our communities, and each of us into the most challenging times we’ve had in generations. Facing unprecedented challenges, international governments deployed more than $10 trillion for […]

Click Here to Donate: The Power of Online Giving in Today’s Digital World

In today’s 24/7 digital world, we are connected to one another and the causes we support with the simple yet powerful click of a button. Virtual donor engagement is a vital element of a nonprofit organization’s communication and fundraising strategy. From their websites to their social media presence, we continue to see that the digital […]

What’s Next for Parishes?

It has been one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March 2020. Last spring, many faith communities completely suspended all in-person gatherings and worship moved exclusively online. According to research conducted by CCS Fundraising in summer 2020,[1] about 66% of Catholic and Episcopal parishes took an all-online approach. Others […]

Build Your Digital Presence for 2021 and Beyond: 5 Tips for Nonprofits

Since social distancing requirements began in the U.S., organizations have needed to leverage technology to keep their doors open. Many teams have had to quickly adapt to video calls, virtual events, and working from home. Though vaccine distribution has begun and the end of social distancing measures seems to be in sight, the digital transformation […]

Donor Communication Strategies: Learning from Previous Times of Crisis

As nonprofits continue to find innovative ways to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic—especially when it comes to donor engagement—many organizations are drawing from lessons learned from past crises. Barbara Deutsch, CEO of Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) helped the organization continue fundraising initiatives through the 2008 recession which included a successful capital campaign bolstered by a robust […]

Effective Communications During COVID-19: Mastering Your Digital Strategy

COVID-19 is changing the way development professionals are communicating, so having a robust digital marketing strategy has never been more important. Digital is an ideal way to distribute communications—especially crisis messaging—both quickly and cost-effectively, while keeping your audience actively engaged with your organization. Plus, with information ever-changing during the crisis, the digital realm allows you to […]