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Dos and Don’ts of Healthcare Collaborations and Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions are widespread across the healthcare sector and have a direct impact on philanthropy. Whether it is a health system acquiring a community hospital as part of a larger growth plan or two health systems merging to improve healthcare services across a region, such significant institutional changes require foundations and development teams to […]

Making the Case for Investment in Philanthropy to C-Suite Leadership at Health Organizations

Health organizations are complex institutions with operating budgets that are comprehensive, nuanced, and meticulously created. While a health organization may be best known and considered for delivering patient care, executive leaders of these organizations have a tremendous obligation to ensure efficient operations and outcomes for responsibilities that extend far beyond patient care and encompass facilities, […]

Fundraising on the Front Lines: Communication and Immediate Action

National moments—such as elections, natural disasters, and the current COVID-19 crisis—tend to propel certain nonprofits to the forefront of philanthropic attention. In these moments, new audiences and a larger spotlight create an immediate need for a ramped-up communications program as scrutiny around deliverables and actions heightens. Stephen Peeler, Executive Director of the Infectious Diseases Society […]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Continue to Fundraise for All Programs During COVID-19

Healthcare institutions around the world are currently doing everything they can to combat the COVID-19 crisis, and they are doing so while also ensuring that other essential programs, such as cancer research, rare disease prevention/treatment, and other lifesaving services remain active for the sake of all of their patients. Many healthcare organizations are therefore asking […]

Announcing the New CCS Magazine: Perspectives on Healthcare Fundraising

We are pleased to present the first edition of Perspectives on Healthcare Fundraising, a magazine for executives, development officers, and anyone navigating the current healthcare philanthropic terrain. In this publication, our experts from the field report on pressing high-level challenges facing healthcare organizations today. These pieces will provide practical tools and actionable solutions to help […]

The Campaign is Dead: Long Live the Campaign!

For more than 100 years, the traditional fundraising campaign has been the vehicle of choice for institutions to galvanize the community and secure significant gift commitments. Especially in the healthcare space, traditional campaigns are bigger and more popular than ever. Million-dollar campaigns gave way to $100 million dollar campaigns and now, multi-billion dollar fundraising campaigns […]

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It” – Using Metrics to Strengthen Your Fundraising Program

Growing your fundraising program is not just about feeding your prospect pipeline or hiring more front-line fundraisers.  In today’s evolving market with a desire for greater accountability, the need for ever-growing levels of support, and an increased competition for donor attention, a hospital foundation’s use of metrics is the key to increasing success. The famous […]

5 Steps for Accelerating Your Grateful Patient Fundraising Program

The prevalent impact of grateful patients and their families on healthcare philanthropy is widely accepted and well documented. Amidst rapid changes to the healthcare industry and the economy at large, grateful patients and families remain important because individual donors are flexible and more resilient to uncertain conditions. There are key reasons why a grateful patient […]

AAMC Conference Highlights Transformations Across Academic Medicine

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) hosts nearly 300 meetings and webinars throughout the year, including the National Professional Development Conference for Institutional Advancement. This year, the annual meeting for Institutional Advancement was hosted in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and was in fact the largest AAMC gathering in the territory to date. The high attendance […]

CCS at the World Cancer Congress

Every two years, leaders from across the global cancer community come together at the World Cancer Congress. Held this year in Paris, and opened by François Hollande, the President of France, the event united cancer societies, hospitals, and research institutes to help encourage collaboration and accelerate the fight against cancer. With over 2,700 delegates across […]