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You Got the Job … Now What? Preparing New Heads of School for Fundraising Success

With increased enrollment challenges and constraints on tuition revenue, continued pressure to have competitive programs and facilities, and the growing need for endowment and financial aid, Heads of School are increasingly called upon to play an active role in securing philanthropic dollars. While new Heads of School are often prepared for the academic and administrative […]

Making the Case for Endowment

The independent schools with which we partner often ask, “can we raise money for endowment?” While this is not a new question, it is being asked with increasing frequency and urgency as schools grapple with the opposing pressures of a shrinking full-pay market and the need to increase tuition to balance the budget. The question […]

Re-Energizing Your School’s Annual Fund

Annual fundraising is the lifeblood of many independent schools. The generosity of alumni, families, faculty, and staff bridge the gap between tuition and operational expenses. Those who direct their philanthropy toward a school’s annual fund often have directly experienced its impact. So, why, with a distinct donor base and a clear need, can annual fundraising […]

Independent School Fundraising Strategy: Making the Most of Your Summer Months

For most nonprofit organizations, the future of fundraising remains uncertain. This is especially true of educational institutions that must also prepare for a new school year which may feature distanced learning or an adapted model. However, these institutions also have a summer break that can allow them some time to plan ahead for any contingency. […]

Five Steps to the Big Ask: How to Prepare Donors to Receive a Big Gift Request

So you’ve identified a family who has the potential to make a transformational gift. They’ve made a moderate gift to your annual fund and are showing interest in deepening their engagement. But how do you move them from a transactional annual fund supporter to a transformational investor in your school’s vision? In this article, we […]

Intercultural Competence for Nonprofit Fundraising

In recent years, many leaders in the nonprofit landscape have taken important steps to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their organizations’ missions and practices. As nonprofits work with an increasingly diverse and globalized set of clients, beneficiaries, partners, and employees, many have engaged in thoughtful self-examination and made changes to ensure they engage effectively and […]

When to Make Your Campaign Public

Planning for a major gifts campaign can be a thrilling endeavor. The organizational work that precedes active fundraising is critical to setting a strong foundation for a campaign. This begins with the early, quiet leadership gifts phase to confirm pace-setting and attract momentum-building gifts. The official announcement of a public phase is then made to […]

From Volunteer to Lead Donor: Creative Ways to Engage Prospects

A critical element of any philanthropic endeavor is understanding the importance of high-level volunteer engagement. Developing a reliable volunteer pool is a great first step. But some of the more successful campaigns often find new ways to cultivate volunteers into lead donors through engagement activities. To begin with, take a look at why people volunteer […]